Be careful when using the oven

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1, the charcoal stove, the weight of charcoal to moderate. Charcoal if too many, will produce a high temperature and high fever, is not conducive to barbecue operation. The other high temperature high fever may cause barbecue fire accessories hot deformation, causes the damage of burn oven. In general, the area of the charcoal should be controlled within the roast 80% of the area of the basin, height is less than the height of the baking net.

2. For electric and gas furnaces, the furnace shall not be adjusted to the most advanced position for a long time.

3. The barbecue food shall not exceed the normal load of the oven and grill, otherwise it is easy to cause the falling down of the grill to cause deformation and danger.

4. Do not add liquid accelerant or spray to the carbon fire during use