The origin of Chinese barbecue culture

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Fu xi is the representative figure of Chinese civilization, "the first of the three Kings". The creative spirit is fuxi's cultural spirit. In ancient times, there were many fish in rivers, lakes and the sea. There were many birds in the sky. People wait by the water's edge with a tree trunk in their hands, watching the fish come and hit a stick, which occasionally catches a few fish. Fu xi made wild hemp, dried it and rubbed it into a rope. Then he made a net with a finer rope and taught people how to fish. Make a net of thicker rope and teach people to catch birds and animals. This is much better than eating only wild fruit on trees, but raw fish and raw birds do not taste good, serious is some do not make good, eat and get sick. When fu xi took the heavenly fire, he taught people to roast birds and fish with fire. From then on, people eat delicious barbecue, the body is healthier. In memory of fu xi, he was called "blood horse" or "the first person to roast animal flesh over fire".

How can modern people solve the problem of food if they are in the nature without other cooking utensils and only have fire and raw food? A more primitive approach may have to be taken. This is not memory and reproduction, but real effort. The joy of food in picnics can also make people think about their ancestors' hard explorations in the history of food culture, so that they can truly admire their ancestors' intelligence and wisdom.

Barbecue is the cultural attribute, is that it contains substances of flavor and coarse in the instant effect to the usual diet of rebellion, the other side it is human ancestor eating memory codes of identity in the era of fishing and hunting. Today, there's nothing like a barbecue to lure children and adults with childhood complex.

 In fact, barbecuing has been a form and taste temptation for humans in the past. Now it has entered an era of multi-value barbecue. In the land flowing through the Yellow River, barbecue starts from realism and expands its cultural and economic boundaries with an enterprising attitude. Barbecue mode of operation, but also in the three dimensions dividing line, one is still keep on street corners of barbecue, the second is intensive hotel-style barbecue and the third is the multi-worlds favorite outdoor barbecue. "In the spirit of" always contain the era of fishing and hunting wild and romantic, constantly stretch, campfire basting the food scene, emitting enticing aroma and happy atmosphere is irresistible.